Lycopodium antidote

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Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your doctor could save your life. I feel lazy and have some headache. It could be because of that medicine. I will wait and see for one more day.

In case, if i have to take any antidote, what will it be? Thank you. I will wait for one week. Sir I just saw your profile.

You have finished diploma in homeopathy. It is great. Most of the people here are just prescribing medicine. But they are not doctors :. How frequently can i take 1M dose if the medicine is right for me?Below are the main rubriks i. Lycopodium Clavatum's wonderful medicinal properties are only disclosed by trituration and succussion.

In nearly all cases where Lycopodium Clavatum is the remedy, some evidence of urinary or digestive disturbance will be found. Lycopodium is adapted more especially to ailments gradually developing, functional power weakening, with failures of the digestive powers, where the function of the liver is seriously disturbed. Mild temperaments of lymphatic constitutions, with catarrhal tendencies; older persons, where the skin shows yellowish spots, earthy complexion, uric acid diathesis, etc. Symptoms characteristically run from right to left, acts especially on RIGHT side of body, and are worse from about 4 to 8 P.

In kidney affections, Red sand in urine, backache, in renal region; worse before urination. Intolerant of cold drinks; Craves everything warm. Best adapted to persons intellectually keen, but of weak, muscular power.

Deep-seated, progressive, chronic diseases. Debility in morning. Marked regulating influence upon the glandular sebaceous secretions. Ascites, in liver disease. Lycopodium patient is thin, withered, full of gas and dry. Lacks vital heat; has poor circulation, cold extremities.

Pains come and go suddenly. Sensitive to noise and odors. Warm applications. Better, by motion, after midnight, from warm food and drink, on getting cold, from being uncovered. Alumina Alumina Lycopodium Lycop.

Plumbago Littoralis - A Brazilian plant - Costive with red urine, pain in kidneys and joints and body generally; milky saliva, ulcerated mouth. Hydrastis Canadensis Hydrast. Complementary: Lycopodium Lycop. Iodium Iod. Antidotes: Camphora Camph. Failing brain-power Anacardium Anac. Cannot bear to see anything new.Since the Middle Ages, this herb has been used medically and even to this day people continue to use it for treating several conditions and their related symptoms. Since the roots of this plant are similar to a wolf's foot, it has been traditionally named 'wolf's claw'.

However, this herb seems to have derived its Latin name from the Greek terms 'lykos' denoting 'wolf' and 'podos' meaning 'foot'. The stems of club moss plant bear forked branches and are usually faced down and covered up with leaves that resemble scales. The shape of the leaves of this plant vary from being lance-shaped to oblong or lean, getting thinner to linear in appearance.

The edges of the leaves are minutely jagged. The moss with the creeping stems club mosses is diminutive, creeping, and earthbound or land dwelling and grow on other adjacent plants for support epiphytic. The sporophyte plants bearing a zygote and spores for reproduction comprises true roots, a stem that grows above the ground and leaves resembling scales that are microphylls a type of tiny leaf found on club mosses and horsetails having a solitary midrib that is not branched.

These microphylls are small and arranged in a spiral manner on the stretched out stem. As aforementioned, people have been using the lycopodium plant for medicinal purposes since the Middle Ages. From the 17th century onwards, herbal medical practitioners have been administering only the spores to treat gout as well as heal the problem of urine retention by the bladder.

However, present day herbalists use the spores of lycopodium for external applications to heal wounds as well as eczema.

lycopodium antidote

InHahnemann proved that the herbal medication prepared from club moss is effective for treating digestive problems as well as nervous anxiety. The homeopathic medicine is generally prescribed when preventative nervous anxiety strongly appears in the psychological symptoms of an individual. They suffer from a peculiar situation. Such people usually do not like the company of others and, at the same, also dislike being left on their own. The main physical symptoms endured by lycopodium people are digestive disorders accompanied by too much bloating and formation of gas in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Most of these symptoms usually affect the right side of the sufferer, but then they also move from the right part of the body to the left. Poor physical resilience or stamina that generally becomes worse during the afternoons is another major physical problem endured by such people.

Moreover, such people usually have a keen desire to consume sweet foods. In addition, the homeopathic medicine lycopodium is also prescribed to treat problems of the kidneys as well as the prostate. Some homeopaths also recommend this medicine to treat headaches as well as infections in the chest. In homeopathy, the medicinal properties of the lycopodium plant were recognized long ago and since then it has been a wonderful remedy for treating various conditions.

While the spores of this plant are exclusively used for various other purposes, the homeopathic medicine prepared from them is much more widespread or all-embracing.

lycopodium antidote

USD To prepare the homeopathic medicine lycopodium, the spikes of the plant are harvested during the summer and the spores are collected from them. Subsequently, the spores are drenched in alcohol for a minimum period of five days. Later, the resultant solution is filtered, watered down and stirred up.

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The end product obtained by this process is lycopodium, the homeopathic medicine that has helped to provide relief to numerous people from their ailments. Even in this age of allopathic medication, this homeopathic remedy is as useful and popular as it was before. The homeopathic medicine lycopodium is prepared using the spikes of the plant.

The spikes of the plant lycopodium are cut during the summer to collect their spores. Subsequently, the spores are drenched in alcohol for a minimum of five days. Later, the resultant solution is filtered, watered down and stirred to obtain the homeopathic medicine lycopodium, which does not contain any trace of the original plant. As aforementioned, the spores of the lycopodium plant are steeped in alcohol for a period of five days, before the solution is filtered and diluted to desired levels by adding milk and sugar.

Lycopodium is used to treat numerous conditions and most commonly for curing digestive disorders and symptoms associated with them. For instance, this homeopathic medicine is very effective in treating symptoms like vomiting, nauseainflated and bloated abdomen with intestinal gas, voracious hunger that is followed by uneasiness after the person has eaten only a small amount of food, constipation as well as bleeding hemorrhoids.

This homeopathic medicine is particularly beneficial for men who have enlarged prostate and pass reddish urine containing sand-like sediments as a result of kidney stones. In addition, lycopodium is also prescribed to treat sexual problems in men.Rhus tox. Lycopodium is a homeopathic remedy for pets with Liver disease - Bowel problems - Kidney and Bladder disease. Lycopodium seems to be particularly appropriate if two or more of the below symptoms are present in the animals case.

The animal may also have skin involvement with skin ulcers or chronic eczema. Lycopodium is usually indicated in chronic disease and best prescribed by a professional as it can cause an aggravation if it is repeated too frequently, especially at the beginning of treatment. Lycopodium is a great acute remedy for the liver and gastrointestinal tract. For example, it is indicated for constipation, especially if it is accompanied by great bloating below the navel they look 5 months pregnant after eating a mealeven after a few bites of food.

Gas and fermentation in the intestines is another indicator.

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Chronic liver problems, possibly with jaundice and tenderness over the liver region. Stomach involvement with indigestion and bloating usually below the navelwhich may be accompanied by vomiting. Lower bowel: Lycopodium has a marked effect on the colon, with much rumbling and production of gas. There may be difficulty passing hard stools, followed by diarrhea. Kidneys and bladder; retention of urine due to poor bladder action. The formation of kidney stones or gravel leading to renal colic.

Keynotes These animals usually have a great sense of hierarchy but can be subservient to those who they know are above them.

Low Libido, Low Sperm Count and Erectile Dysfunction… Homeopathy Saves the Day

However they may be bullies to those who are below their level. They often behave nicely at home for their guardians, but may pick on other animals in the house.

lycopodium antidote

Especially if there are younger animals at home. The emotional picture of this remedy for animal's who need it in chronic diseases is one of very low self-confidence, especially for any new task or anything out of their ordinary routine. The low self-confidence exhibited by this type often stems from a humiliation, fear, fright or betrayal situation.Introduction and History: Lycopodium is a magical, constitutional, deep acting remedy for chronic diseases.

The fertile spikes look like the club. Untilit was used only as an absorbant and to prevent pills from adhering. It is a small plant growing mostly in dry woods and in hilly pastures in all parts of the world.

Lycopodium spore is yellow and mobile.

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It floats upon water and is not wetted by it. It is tasteless and odourless. It sinks in the water when boiled with it. It burns quickly. The spores are three sided pyramids.

Preparation and Parts Used: The spores are used in the preparation of the mother tincture. Spores of the moss are triturated with sugar of milk from which higher potencies are prepared in alcohol. It is adapted to both old people and children who are intellectually keen, but muscularly weak; persons whose upper part of the body and neck are emaciated, and the lower part is semi-dropsical. Anaemic, pale patients with an unhealthy complexion. Patient looks older than he is.

Children look wrinkled and prematurely old. Ailments From: Mortification, anger, vexation, fright, tobacco chewing and smoking, liquors, wine, onions, masturbation, riding in a carriage, over lifting, oysters. Seat of Action Pharmacodynamics : Lungs, liver, sex organs, digestive tract, mucous membranes, skin, urinary tract, nutrition and throat.

Doctrine of Signature: It is prepared from the spores of Club moss. The spores are externally hard but once broken, they are very soft internally. Similarly, while giving a speech, his speech is not fluent in the beginning but after a while, as the speech continues, it becomes more fluent. Active Principles Chemical Constituents : It contains 50 per cent of fat, mixture of oils, hexadecanoic, dehydroacetic acid, aluminum as the trace elements besides palmitic acid, myristic and lycopodium acids.

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Physiological Action: Moderate doses of the tincture produce nervous excitement, quickened action and circulation, headache, increased appetite, diarrhoea and increased sexual desire; also frequent, painful urination; cloudy urine depositing much sediment sometimes with mucous and even blood.

Emaciation: Process of emaciation is from above downwards. First upper part of the body emaciates, then lower parts; lower part semi-dropsical. Impotency: Penis Small, cold, relaxed; impotence of young and old men from onanism or sexual excesses. Impotence with strong desire but imperfect erections, falls asleep during coition or embrace; premature ejaculation. Flatulence: Constant fermentation of gases in the abdomen.

Excessive accumulation of gases, rumbling in the abdomen, especially in lower abdomen. Fullness, not relieved by belching and flatus. Dryness: Great dryness of the skin, palms, mucous membranes. Dryness of vagina; physometra, burning in vagina during and after coitus. Right-sidedness: It is a right sided remedy, affects the right side; symptoms go from right to left.

Catarrh: Nose dry, stopped at night, must breathe through the mouth, rubbing its nose; child starts from sleep.Make a Donation Join Login. Natural History. Poison-nut General. Is the greatest of polychrests, because the bulk of its symptoms correspond in similarity with those of the commonest and most frequent of diseases.

It is frequently the first remedy, indicated after much dosing, establishing a sort of equilibrium of forces and counteracting chronic effects. Nux is pre-eminently the remedy for many of the conditions incident to modern life.

The typical Nux patient is rather thin, spare, quick, active, nervous, and irritable.

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He does a good deal of mental work; has mental strains and leads a sedentary life, found in prolonged office work, over study, and close application to business, with its cares and anxieties.

This indoor life and mental strain seeks stimulants, coffee, wine, possibly in excess; or again, he hopes to quiet his excitement, by indulging in the sedative effects of tobacco, if not really a victim, to the seductive drugs, like opium, etc.

These things are associated with other indulgences; at table, he takes preferably rich and stimulating food; wine and women play their part to make him forget the close application of the day.

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Late hours are a consequence; a thick head, dyspepsia, and irritable temper are the next day's inheritance. Now he takes some cathartic, liver pills, or mineral water, and soon gets into the habit of taking these things, which still further complicate matters. Since these frailties are more yielded to by men than women, Nux is pre-eminently a male remedy. Especially adapted to digestive disturbances, portal congestion, and hypochondriacal states depending thereon. Convulsions, with consciousness; worse, touch, moving.

Nux patients are easily chilled, avoid open air, etc. Nux always seems to be out of tune; inharmonious spasmodic action. Ugly, malicious. Does not want to be touched. Time passes too slowly.According to the American Diabetes Association, 13 million men in the United States have low testosterone levels, and among those men, 70 percent report experiencing erectile dysfunction, and 63 percent experience low sex drive.

Such a delicate subject requires fine medicine. And as always, instead of merely treating the symptoms, homeopathy gets to the root of the problem. Homeopathy likes to get a little more personal. Using the classical method, I used to consider a number of remedies, requiring differentiation between them by paying close attention to the details of each.

Even with lascivious thoughts, the man is unable to perform. The man who will respond best to Caladium often experiences mental depression along with impotence, and the new problem is met with a deepening of this depression.

This may not happen every time, but more commonly occurs after sexual excesses. The sexual exhaustion may be accompanied by prostate problems such as urine and seminal loss. Premature old age, where the genitalia are relaxed and cold, is a characteristic that points to the need for this remedy.

This may be accompanied by anxiety and despair, particularly about his health and his sexual ability. Memory and mental dullness may also be present. A collapsed or broken down state that occurs after overindulgence in alcohol, drugs or sex may also be a call for this remedy. When sexual dysfunction accompanies a gastrointestinal problem such as frequent bloating, gas and food intolerances, Lycopodium twice daily can often root out the gastrointestinal condition usually slowly, over a period of weeks or months and restore a man to his old masculine self.

The key here is the corresponding abdominal bloating and distention causing distress after eating. Gurgling, gas and belching may also pose a problem for this man.

Even though this may not be the main complaint, if these symptoms are present, it may direct us precisely to the remedy most needed. Now employing the Banerji Protocols that I learned while working with Drs. Banerji in Calcutta, the most consistently reliable medicine for male impotency, low sperm count, loss of libido, etc.

What does that mean? Well, it means that if taken consistently, such as one dose every 3 days, slowly and steadily the libido will often return, the sperm count over many months will increase, and masculinity will be restored. Interestingly, Aurum metallicum is also a capital medicine for chronic fatigue and depression. Hence, when this triad of weakened masculinity, fatigue and depression present, Aurum metallicum is a likely choice for restoration.

First let me point out that with a chronic problem one will note a slow but steady progression.

Lycopodium Homeopathic Medicine - lycopodium 30 , lycopodium 200, Uses & Symptoms

The person may take one step forward and one step back. That means that if Lycopodium is the correct remedy, a decrease in the gastro intestinal bloating symptoms will show improvement. Perhaps the disposition will show steps forward as well. Watch for small but not insignificant signs of this, and they will provide encouragement that the other areas will follow.

Remedy Relationships

This, my friends, is how you read a case. But some men report to me that the change after taking the remedy is downright remarkable within a few weeks. No drugs of questionable safety. Just simple old-fashioned healing so that the problem no longer exists. This is the beauty of homeopathy. So stay home and cure your family and when done, pass on the good word to others.

lycopodium antidote

I am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom.


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