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For a gym as long-established as Lanna Muay Thai in the northern province of Chiang Mai, those revolutions have been many. For so long many were returning like clockwork to revisit Andy Thomson, the Scottish-Canadian co-founder of the gym along with his Thai partner Pom, from whom the Thai name of the gym comes: Kiatbusaba.

lanna mma bochum

You can watch this 90 minute documentary made in some of those years. And there were a handful of women over the early years as well.

lanna mma bochum

Fortunately, I got to meet Andy on my first trip out to Lanna inwhen I learned from him and got first-hand experience of what an incredible and unforgettable figure he is for countless western fighters. Andy was a powerful shaping figure in my experience of Thailand and Muay Thai he now is an instructor down in Hua Hin at Congcarter gym. Unfortunately, it just so happened that the timing of my return when we moved to Thailand in April of was a transitional time at the gym.

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Andy was distancing himself, working a great deal away from the gym and dreaming of moving up to his Hill Camp in Chiang Rai while the gym at Lanna would be more under the direct operation and control of the Thais who had been trainers there for years.

But this post is a very happy report on the revival of Lanna Muay Thai gym. It is very strong now. Pom has orchestrated some renovations that she told me she wanted to do for a long time and they look great. There was a morose cloud over the trainers during the last year I was at the gym, but it has lifted. The gym has become an expression of the Thais from its glory years.

I see women clinching and sparring on a regular basis when I come by the gym, something that was a serious absence in my training when I was here.

It means a lot to have this access for women, and because Daeng is a very fight-oriented trainer it fits incredibly well into the fact that Lanna is — and quite frankly has always been — the most fight friendly gym, probably in the world. If you want to fight, you can get a fight through Lanna. You fight to learn.

lanna mma bochum

This is not fake bar fighting or belt fighting. This is fighting as a process of finding your boundaries and pushing past them. Part of this is due to the sheer number of stadia in the city and therefore the opportunities for fights are nearly constant, but there is also a high population of female fighters in the area, and importantly, promoters that embrace female fighting.

That means fight opportunities for western women coming to Chiang Mai with the intention to fight, but it also means that gyms in the area are familiar with having women train there. And the more women who choose to go there, the better it will be for all women. We are all part of the amazing Lanna heritage.

There is a lot more to say about Lanna in the plus column.These programs are also available for kids and they have an experience of over 7 years.

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Kickboxing is basically a modern rendering and mingling of both the Western traditional boxing, Asian Muay Thai Thai boxing and the Japanese Karate technique…. This ultimately makes kickboxing a hybrid martial art, that is mostly being learned now for either general fitness or sports-related matters. The fact that this style has been effectively constructed by the fitness and fighting enthusiasts makes it easy for a whole multitude of spinoff varieties to regularly appear.

Such sub-styles as American kickboxing, box shooting, K-1, Japanese kickboxing and Dutch kickboxing are among the most popular new sub-styles…. Skip to content. Kickboxing is basically a modern rendering and mingling of both the Western traditional boxing, Asian Muay Thai Thai boxing and the Japanese Karate technique… This ultimately makes kickboxing a hybrid martial art, that is mostly being learned now for either general fitness or sports-related matters.

Previous Post. Next Post. Diese Website benutzt Cookies.Learn More. Kids Programs. Lanna MMA is a curriculum based school, which allows all of its students to graduate from one level to the next.

Our world class curriculum has been developed by the owner Kru Jordan Kravitz and his instructor, Muay Thai legend Ajahn Jovan Stojanovsky Credited to be the foreigner with the most fights in Thailand.

Winter Warriors 2: Brenda Vargas (Lanna MMA) vs. Meaghan Cameron (Champions Creed)

The curriculum ensures world class instruction and maximum safety and progression of our students. The programs are designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. Our goal is to help you reach your goals no matter what they are! Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit or become a competitor of the sport, Lanna MMA has a class for you!

Martial arts is for everyone and at Lanna MMA, our warm and friendly staff will make sure that every time you walk through the door you have a positive experience. All rights reserved. Enter Code:. Kids Programs Build confidence and discipline. LannaStrong Achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. Lanna Mixed Martial Arts. Would like to be added to our mailing list?I am bitterly disappointed about this but it's out of our hands.

All contracts and classes will be suspended until then. Sorry guys. Jordon winning by unanimous points and Sam winning his bout as well as fighter of the night! I started to look through old and new photos to post and was simply overwhelmed with it so decided on this one pic from Chiang Mai, with friends from Lanna camp before Abb and Damon fought on the same card.

I would like to sincerely thank anyone that has been involved with or had any influence on our gym over the years. Soo many good people. I know there's Loads more people deserving of mention. Hope everyone has had an awesome Chrissy break and didn't overconsume too much. Time to get back to training for the Big year ahead. Look forward to seeing you all this afternoon! Both boys fought really well yesterday to wind up a busy year of fights for the gym. Jordan giving a good account of himself coming away with a points loss, and Sam in his first outing, taking a clear win and awarded fighter of the night!!

Last few seats on one of our tables still available for Shannons fight vs Kerrianne this Saturday night.

lanna mma bochum

Massively stacked card so don't miss out. Kaine is weighed in and ready to go tomorrow night!! Tickets are available at the door for anyone who is interested in coming along to support. Jordon is all weighed in and ready to fight on Evolve tomorrow. Final session for the boys done and dusted and they are all ready to head over to Bordertown to fight Saturday night!

Both of their respective opponents have powered through their divisions with our guys, imo giving them by far their hardest fights. Damons Russian opponent will face the Thai Damon beat for gold at Arafura games. Shans Thai opponent was sporting massive bruising while cruising to an easy victory yesterday. Both will fight for gold today!

Chiang Mai

Such is life. Well done guys! Damon fought a big, strong and well seasoned Russian opponent in Alexander Skvortsov last night. A very tough fight!At Lanna all of our full time, part time and assistant instructors are highly trained athletes that have dedicated their lives to the Martial Arts.


Some of our teachers have competed in the past and some are currently representing our school at both the amateur and professional level of Muay Thai. Our staff of teachers are constantly learning and upgrading their skills through seminars, and courses.

Many of our instructors have travelled around the world including Thailand, Brazil, California, NYC, and France to train with some of the best Martial Artists in the world. We also have seminars, workshops and guest teachers that come to visit us every year. At age 14 weighing lbs and standing at only 5 foot 3, Jordan decided it was time to become active and make some lifestyle changes.

He signed up for his first martial arts class and never looked back. Twelve years later martial arts, fitness, and helping people change their life has become his passion.

Jordan was awarded his Kru title in by his long time instructor Ajahn Jovan Stojanovsky who holds the world record for foreigner with the most fights in Thailand approx fights in Thailand.

It played a powerful role in the person that I am today and as such I believe that it can be used to shape the future of younger generations. Also known as Sargent Slaughter, due to her intense workout classes, Antoinette is a fitness enthusiast with years of experience.

She has been part of Lanna MMA for more than 10 years now and has been key to success of our weight loss programs.

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An undefeated active fighter, Favio brings his vast experience to his boxing classes. Chris is a patient, calm and passionate instructor, just the qualities you look for in a jiu-jitsu instructor. Chris participates in bjj tournaments regularly and is always in the know for bringing in new techniques to teach at Lanna to both kids and adult.

All rights reserved. Enter Code:. Would like to be added to our mailing list?Hey guys make sure to check out our newest YouTube video, detailing some key points to implement into your uppercut:.

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For those who missed it here's what we did in yesterday's online fitness class with Coach Jordan: Give it a try! See you guys at live from our lannamma instagram for a live 1 hour Muay Thai class with Coach Jordan! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help.

Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Cong B Nguyen. Cody Grant. My friend is looking for Canadians training in MMA to participate in See more.

New IG Live class schedule starting Monday! New Online Live Instagram Class schedule starts today! We listened to your feedback and made this accordingly! We also added another Muay Thai class! Schedule will be released tomorrow! For those who missed todays fitness class, try it out on your own time:. Lanna Mixed Martial Arts is feeling fantastic. We've got an awesome promotion lined up for all of you!

Only valid for the first 15 people who post!

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Lanna Mixed Martial Arts updated their profile picture. On the menu for today's Live workout with coachkravitz at ! Live in 30 minutes! Tune into our instagram live Muay Thai class with coachkravitz muaythai thaiboxing fitness kickboxing boxing mma martialarts.

On the menu for tonight's Live instagram class at with coachkravitz Try it yourself or Tune in at on instagram live and follow along! Make sure to tune in this Saturday! When life hands us lemons Classes go online! Come join us Monday- Friday for a daily 20 minute bodyweight workout!

Cant make it?! Don't worry all workouts will be posted on youtube!


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